A system of modular tiles, home for essential everyday items for people with dementia.

by Brouwer, J., Canoy, P., Kontos, G., and Timmers, M.

Imagine taking your keys and putting them in your socks. Then imagine that 2 hours later, when ready to leave, you cannot find your keys. This is a painful and unwanted situation. However, this is and will be the reality for one in 5 people in the Netherlands, i.e. people living with dementia.

After literature research and interaction with 6 elderly couples with dementia, an overview of the problem was created. Examples of losing things like keys, watches, hearing aids and wallets were prevalent. 
Our solution is a system of modular tiles that will constitute the home for their essential items. The system will make sure, through visual and audio feedback, that placing or taking their valuables away is the first thing they do when coming or leaving home.

This device raises discussion on how people affected by dementia manage their items and their autonomy, as well as how habits can be maintained or changed.

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