DiVine Garden - Growing together with your food

by Cox, M., Crichton, S., Klauwer, M., and Koelewijn, S.

The technological trend of making more and more small in-house tasks automated is a worrying development. Research points out that doing the daily small tasks will set you up for the challenges of the day. In other words, having control over the smaller and predictable tasks, such as laying your bed in the morning will enable you to have control over the bigger unpredictable tasks. The goal of DiVine Garden is to give you fulfillment and a sense of control by taking care of a garden and growing your food, going against the trend of automation and tempo-culture.

To engage users to take care of their plants, DiVine Garden gives the user the most enriching, interactive gardening experience. Through intuitive and simple inputs, growing your own plats becomes a piece of cake. The rich feedback such as sound and light trigger your senses in a positive way.

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