do re mi ndful

by Merl, A., Teuling, Den, K., Thoonen, F., and van Hees, L.

When was the last time you got lost while making using your good old sewing machine?

Do re mi ndful creates a musical experience between a usual sewing machine and the maker. This novel interaction creates a possibility of redefining the identity of this everyday object and invites thought about relationships between machines and humans.

The system consists of an add-on that can connect to headphones via Bluetooth. The add-on and sensor can be easily attached to the internal mechanics of the sewing machine. The electronics are located on the outside of the machine where the maker can switch easily between different sound experiences.

The product was developed with a sewing machine with an embroidery foot for beginners to assist them in overcoming the fear of working with a new machine. Simultaneously, the system helps to reinvent the relationship between a professional maker and their familiar machine.

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