Explorative research into AI stimulating social interaction between strangers

by Koelewijn, S., van den Abeele, V., and Visch, T.

We did explorative observational research about the stimulating effect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on social interactions between strangers. We started with a comparative study to look at body postures when strangers interact with each other. For this, we let them play both a cooperative and competitive game to observe how this influences social interaction. From the insights of the first comparative study, we designed an AI that shows through body posture the openness of strangers for social interaction. This resulted in our final explorative comparative study being conducted in a controlled environment. We looked at certain aspects and relations in our observations and qualitative interview. However, we did not find convincing evidence that AI had a stimulating effect on the social interactions between strangers. Nonetheless, the research provided new insights into human and AI interactions and lays the foundation for future explorative research into the field of AI research design.

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